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ThE SiLLy Meeeee!

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i know i know Mar. 8th, 2004 @ 11:22 pm
i know i really need to update this thingy!! lol... man sat was cool.. thanx for the dinner jen.. i really dont care for spaghetti.. but that shit was the bomb!! i liked the carrot cake u made susie!! lol... at least thats what i thought at first! last night was cool.. even though it was short!! but i got too see everyone "G"!!... love the pics!! man i ate sooo much today!! i had 5 slices of pizzza and nachos and fries and a slurpeee.. damn im a fat ass! well i'll write more later... muuuaaaahhh!
Current Mood: fullfull

some pics! Mar. 2nd, 2004 @ 01:23 am

 lol me with braids last year!!

 me and jamers at prom 02!! the big ass club!! i used to have a puurrrdy ring tooo! but its hard to see! i had to switch it to that hand sooo it could show!! lol...=(

 me and stephers!! i think she kinda looks like becca from a distance! but becca is cuter! good job shiri!


Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

lol Mar. 1st, 2004 @ 11:34 pm
that one pic is huge!! lol... my bad!! i hope u like it!! hahahaha... thanx shiri!! muuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

Mar. 1st, 2004 @ 11:28 pm

this is me and my straight friend tabbby!! 

yeah this last pic is just a random pic i put on here... cause its a pic of my ex nikki(that i misss!) and my good friends hather.. which i cant wait to see her next week when she comes for spring break from tennnnn!

Current Mood: excitedexcited

Mar. 1st, 2004 @ 10:25 pm
Yeah soooo last night was coool.. i worked a 311 concert at the grove in ana... and some dumb ass girl tried to bring in bud!! but her stupid ass got caught cause it was hanging out of her shirt and she said it was her padddding!! what an idiot! and yeah i came home, went online and got to fight with the ex!! sooo much fun.. thanx galynne for the advice.... i really need to take it... my dumb ass its just way toooo nice! and i guess i love to get hurt! well at least today was a lot better... i went to work then i went and picked up chris... we didnt go to one of our classses and went to eat instead cause my fat ass was hungry like always!! then went to class yeaaaah! it actually wasnt tooo bad.. well we didnt fight at all which is good but who knows about the rest of the week! we need to chill galynne! when are u free this week or weekend?? oh helll yeah i just found out today that next week my dad is going to vegas for his coool bowling team he is on with my bro!! and my sister is going!! yeah i got the house to myself!! not like it really matters cause i'm never here!! lol! and my dads bitch ass gf better not come over and snoooop! her and her freaaakin mop head! lol.. yeah cant u tell i love her soooo much!! lol! well yeah i guess i better go now.. everyone have a good night!
Current Mood: coldcold
Other entries
» Glad!!
Hey everyone!! Well last night was sooo fun.. Man it was about time i get out and have fun!! Everyone was great.. u guys are alll soo sweet!! And i was glad that i could meet galynne!! thanx for inviting me!! man i'm sooo tired and i feel liked i danced for like a million hours!! lol... my body is all weak!! maybe that means i need to work out or get my fat ass up once in awhile!! lol.. yea!! i get to go to wrok tonight! i'm sooooo happy i get to hang out with my best friend!! hahahaha the EX!! i'm shocked that she hasnt asked me what i did last night.. but i'm sure she will when i give her a ride to work!! lol!! ohh welll! i'm happy and glad that i got out soo thats all that matters! but yeah i guess i better go it was nice meeting everyone!! u guys are alll sooo cute u lil couples!! lol.. **Heather next time u might want to look before u touch** lol.. j/k bye guys... have a good night!!

» thinkin!
soo yeah.. i'm bored but guess what i got a new job and i start tomorrow!! yeah thank god i need money! well i'm excited to go to ozz and dance.. i havent been out in who knows how long!!! christina is mad cause she asked me what i was doing tonight and i told her that i didnt know.. and i guess she thought i was going to ask her to hang out but i'm alll ready going out.. sooo yeah.. gosh shes frustrating sometimes!! i dunno why but lately everything that she does or says makes me mad and then i just start yelling at her!?!?!? wtf?? why is it cause of all the frustration or just that soo many things she has done hurt me a lot!?!? i dunno... but yeah...

well i cant wait until later tonight!! galynne... u ready!?!?
» CONFUSED!?!?!?
Does anyone know how to put pics on here??? Like in the writing??
Welll.... lets seeee! Man i have sooo much i have to do today but i'm really lazy!!.. FIGURES! I have to go to school ealy today since my broke ASS doesnt have money to buy a book until next week for my class! YEAH! i get to go to the library and do my hw there.. fun stuff! and then i have class until like ummm 9:30pm.. Then i get to go to work at 11:30pm until 8:00am tomorrow morning (NO I'M NOT A PROSTITUTE OR ANYTHING!!).... I work in security.. well its the people in yellow jackets when u go to concerts, football games, baseball games,... and yeah everything.. THATS ME!! and besides that my dad is on my ass.. since i just started this jo and havent really had any money to give him for car insurance, phone, and just whatever else i owe him for! i'm barley paying my car payment every month (since that is in my name!) and i dont even know how i doo that.. man speeking of that when am i going to get my damn tax money back!?!? FUCKKKKKKKKKKKIN A! UHHHH soooo yeah.. damnit and i have a freakin ticket i have to pay!! gotta call and extend that damn thing!! lets seee whats else can go wrong!?!? I hope i get this other job and start next weeek!! man i need money! and I'm SOOOO HAPPY to see the BITXHEX today!! yea for me! She better be freakin nice to me... Gosh why do i put up with her bullshit??? I just want someone too love me and care for me like i always did and DO for her!! I love her but i dunno sometimes... I just want to get away.. I wish i could move far away and start a new life soo i dont have to see her or deal with her BS anymore!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR! Dont u just love reading my shit! its fun to get too write all this stuff! maybe i should tell her to come and read all the good things i write about her!! LOL! man i want to get out and go clubbbin or something!! i hope i dont work on friday!! I need to get away from her! of course my stupid and nice asss!! takes her to school and work (YEAH WE WORK TOGETHER ALSO!!) SUX! i mean its cool when shes nice and but sux when shes a biootch and thats like 99.999999% of the time! AWWWW why does my other ex nikkkki have to be on!?!? everytime i see her on it makes me miss her! man i was soo stupid for letting her go!?!?!? Its been sooo long since i have been with her.. its was OCT of 2002.. yeah a long time ago.. but she was the first girl... wait the FIRST PERSON that i have ever loved!! and i still do love her! i wish that she new how much i cared even though i cheated on her in the begining of our relationship... but she also cheated on me at the end and didnt even know that i cheated on her in the first place... until some dumbs HOES!! J/K put my shit on BLAST!! yeah! and then her gf cheated on her a number of times and they broke up and her ex has a new gf and she is stilllll in love with her!! whats up with that!?!? man she even moved in AUG 2002 and we were doing the long distance thing.. she lives in OK. now =(!! and i never once cheated on her! i really did love her!!.... uhh ok i better shut up now cause i'm sure this is boring to read!! and yeah its gottten pretty damn long!! sorry sooo long.. i better go and take a shower now!! (sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh i love my shower head!!) LOL!
Well my friend told me to make a journal soo i did and it toook forever!! Fun stuff you know!! Well i dunno what all too say here... I guess i had an ok day... I was with my ex soo yeah that says a lot!! I dunno about her sometimes.. I dunno why i'm sooo nice and why i do sooo much for her.. she drives me crazy sometimes and i dunno why i put up with it!! I guess i love her too much.. But then i feel like i hate her!!
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